Comprehensive appraisals are offered for a broad range of property types and purposes. Report types reflect a client’s needs, ranging from fully detailed narrative appraisals to shorter, executive summary reports.

Property types and functions include, but are not limited to:





Complex Residential Properties

Special Purpose

As a member of the Counselors of Real Estate, Mr. McKennon has a collegial and organized link with approximately 1,100 eminent real estate professionals from around the country. This is a source of information, collaboration where needed, and a place to refer a client with a specific real estate need outside his purview. The membership includes experts in corporate real estate, law, brokerage and asset management, development, investment, and provision of capital.

Tax Assessment Appeals

Market Data

New Castle County’s real estate tax assessments are based on 1983 values and still use a 1983 valuation date. We have an organized bank of market data from that time period, and have provided appraisals with a 1983 effective date and supportive testimony to assist in successfully appealing assessments that are too high.

Some of the County’s largest and most complex commercial properties have been appraised for tax appeals by Mr. McKennon.

Professional Collaboration

Analysis is often extended beyond providing an appraisal report to resolve questions and issues that cannot fully be answered within the structure of a formal appraisal report. 

Tax Assessment

Condemnation/Eminent Domain

Damages to Real Estate

Easements of all Types

Partial Interests

Dispute Resolution

Eminent Domain

Real Estate Appraisals

We work with clients and their attorneys not only to present estimates of value, but to provide a wide range of services relating to the litigation process. Examples of services include evaluation of expert reports, assistance in preparation for the deposition and examination of witnesses, coordination with and recommendation of experts in related fields, and arbitration and court testimony.

Litigation Support


Current and past data is systematically researched, classified and organized. Mr. McKennon’s market data system dates to 1978 and has been an ongoing source of sales information supplied to brokers, government agencies, and other appraisers in this market since the late 1970’s.

In addition, our data bank contains sales from the 1960’s forward. Retrospective valuations have been completed for dates as far back as in the early 1970’s.

Estate and Family Planning

Estate Taxes

Donations of Real Estate

Market Rent


Conservation Easements

Service is provided to owners whose property is being condemned, attorneys, and government agencies. Our involvement can come as early as meeting with a concerned owner who becomes aware of a possible acquisition of their property, to as far along in the process as working to help resolve conflicting values between a government agency and a property owner.

Analysis includes evaluation and appraisals of full and partial acquisitions of properties and of property rights. We are on call to work with the parties and their attorneys as needed during the entire process.

If called for, Mr. McKennon testifies by deposition and in court to provide strong and unwavering support for his conclusions and values.